Beware of These 4 Heat Pump Noises in Galveston, TX

Typically, heat pump should generate only a low hum while operating. Strange noises from the system almost always indicate something is wrong. Knowing what these four strange noises mean gives you a better idea of what’s going on with your heat pump in Galveston, TX:

Banging Metal

When you look at your heat pump’s top, you’ll notice a large fan. In many cases, banging sounds from your heat pump mean those fan blades are hitting something. Perhaps a tree branch or other debris fell into the system. You may have a loose internal heat pump component that the fan blades keep hitting.


Your heat pump relies on refrigerant to heat or cool the air before pushing it through the vents in your home. If one of the refrigerant lines develops a leak, or the system needs refrigerant added, you’ll hear a gurgling noise as air fills the lines that carry the fluid. If you hear this sound, it’s important to schedule a professional repair. It’s unsafe and illegal for unlicensed individuals to handle HVAC refrigerant.


Vibrating noises are one of the least worrisome noises you can hear from your heat pump. In most cases, these sounds come from a loose cover panel on the outdoor unit. It’s normal for the small screws that hold these panels in place to work themselves loose over time, so this is an easy fix.


Your heat pump relies on a number of components, most of which are metal, to keep your home comfortable all year round. If you hear the distinct sound of metal grinding against metal, it’s safe to assume you have damaged bearings in at least one of those components.

Strange noises from your heat pump are a surefire sign that you need professional repair services. Contact our team at Roberts Air, LLC to find out more about our extensive list of HVAC services, including heat pump repair. We’re here to restore your comfort as quickly as possible without taking shortcuts.

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