Is Ductless HVAC a Good Option in Galveston, TX?

Ductless HVAC systems are a highly sought-after option for heating and cooling homes. Still, they may not be ideal for everyone. The following considerations will help you decide whether a ductless HVAC system is right for your Galveston, TX, home:

Save Space in Your Property

You can find what’s perhaps the chief attraction of a ductless mini-split in its name. This type of HVAC system doesn’t use bulky ventilation ducts to transport warm and cold air across your home. As such, it’s a much smaller HVAC system that can save you room. It’s ideal in home additions, studio apartments, mother-in-law suites and garage conversions.

Enjoy Different Climate Zones

A ductless HVAC system is also perfect for those who prize versatility. That’s because multi-zone ductless HVAC systems give you the power to divide your home into different climate zones. Since uniform temperatures aren’t always appropriate and not everyone enjoys the same sort of climate, this is an excellent way to satisfy as many people in your household as possible.

Furthermore, if no one happens to be occupying a certain climate zone at a given time, you can turn off the system in that room. This will save you energy and money on power bills.

Easy Ductless HVAC Repairs

The small size and unobtrusiveness of a ductless HVAC system also mean that buying one constitutes a favor to HVAC service technicians. These smaller systems are relatively easy to repair, provided you take proper care of them. Remember that they still require maintenance and air filter cleanings.

Under the right circumstances, a ductless HVAC system can be an effective option for staying comfortable without shelling out too much money. If you think a mini-split system is right for you, call Roberts Air, LLC today and check out our ductless air conditioning and heating services in Galveston, TX.

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