Have Your Heat Pump Tuned Up This Spring in Santa Fe, TX

Scheduling regular tuneups for your heat pump in Santa Fe, TX, is critical to maintaining its performance. Here are a few reasons to schedule maintenance for your heat pump this spring:

Prevent Breakdowns

The best time to schedule maintenance for a heat pump is before the heat of summer hits. Part of this tuneup service includes an inspection of your whole system.

This visit allows service technicians to catch any developing problems, such as failing or broken parts. It can also help prevent a complete breakdown during a heat wave.

Improve Energy Efficiency

During a tuneup, service technicians will clean and lubricate the many parts of your system. When the coils are dirty, they can’t transfer heat properly, which makes the system work longer and harder to keep you comfortable.

Service technicians will also check refrigerant levels and the thermostat. Problems with either of these can reduce the heat pump’s efficiency.

Extend the System’s Longevity

Another effect of maintenance is helping the heat pump last as long as possible. Your system experiences less stress when it is clean, lubricated and all the parts work properly.

With reduced wear and tear, your system can achieve maximum longevity. That means you can wait longer until you need a heat pump replacement.

Protect Your HVAC Warranty

Many manufacturer warranties require you to get annual professional maintenance. Trying to save money by doing this service yourself or paying a non-approved company could void your warranty. It leaves you financially responsible if the system fails due to a manufacturer defect or other covered cause.

A spring tuneup for your heat pump in Santa Fe, TX, is essential to help keep your system running at optimal performance. Our family-owned company has provided 100% customer satisfaction for decades. When you’re ready to schedule HVAC maintenance, call Roberts Air, LLC.

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