The Importance of Marine AC Maintenance in Galveston, TX

An air conditioner on your boat in Galveston, TX, can be wonderful, especially if you stay onboard overnight. Unfortunately, once installed, you don’t think about it until it breaks down. These maintenance tips will help you keep your marine AC system functioning efficiently and reliably throughout the warmest months:

Check Your Hoses and Connections

Periodically check all of your marine AC system’s hose runs and connections. Keep an eye out for corroded or broken hose clamps, leaks and collapsed hoses. Watch for deterioration and signs of aging, too.

Turn the AC System Off When Not on Board

If you’re continually running your marine air conditioner, even when you’re not on board, you’re setting your system up for hose failure. If your raw water-cooling hose fails while you’re gone, the system will continue to pump seawater in, which could result in your boat sinking.

You’re also inviting unwanted guests to come on board. The oxygenated seawater produced by the continuous flow allows all kinds of marine creatures to make themselves at home in your AC system.

Flush the Condenser Coils

When scale builds up on the condenser coils, it restricts the water flow. It’s necessary to flush the coils periodically to remove scale and marine growth. This is an important part of marine AC maintenance.

Clean Your Air Filter

Your marine AC system needs good airflow to function properly. A high-quality, well-fitted air filter protects your marine air conditioner from dirt and dust.

Clean your air filter monthly by following the manufacturer’s directions. This usually involves vacuuming and washing it. Let it dry completely before reinstalling the filter.

These simple maintenance tips will ensure your marine AC system continues functioning efficiently and effectively. If you experience any problems, call Roberts Air, LLC for professional and reliable marine AC repair service.

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