Do You Need to Invest in a New Heating System in Galveston, TX?

Although it may be costly to install a new heating system in your home in Galveston, TX, failing to do so when necessary may have even worse consequences. You must learn to recognize the signs that your furnace is about to break down. Here are a few indications that you should install a new heating system:

Ever More Frequent Repairs

Regular repairs and maintenance are essential to sustaining your heating system and maximizing its efficiency over the long haul. However, once service technicians have repaired it, the repairs should have a noticeable effect and keep it functioning for some time thereafter. You shouldn’t need to get more repairs again just a few weeks later.

Higher Heating Bills

One of the cardinal signs that your heater is beyond repair is a precipitous decline in its efficiency. In turn, the most obvious sign of this is a massive spike in your heating bills. While fixing some parts, cleaning out dirt and restoring airflow may bring your bills back down, the best long-term solution is probably to replace your heater.

Age of the Heating System

On average, a central heating system can function well for about 15-20 years. The same is true of gas-powered and heating-oil-powered furnaces though electric furnaces may last for as many as 20-30 years. Annual maintenance may somewhat extend these limits, but it’s important to remember that all these systems do have lifespans.

Problems with your heating system need not always overtly reveal themselves, and resulting breakdowns may be sudden. As your system reaches the limits mentioned above, the risk that precisely that may happen begins to increase. Even if nothing is obviously wrong with it, it may be prudent to replace your system once it is about 15 to 30 years old, depending on which one you have.

Learn to recognize the signs of an impending heating system breakdown so that you don’t receive a nasty surprise this winter. Once you notice problems, call Roberts Air, LLC and request heating installation services in or around Galveston, TX.

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