Why Does My Smart Thermostat Have a Blank Screen?

Every modern programmable thermostat should have certain kinds of information prominently written on its screen. If your thermostat’s screen goes blank, it’s a clear sign of trouble. Here are a few reasons your smart thermostat in Galveston, TX, might suddenly show a blank screen:

Dead Batteries

The simplest and most obvious explanation is that your thermostat’s batteries have died, preventing the device from receiving any power. If this is the case, simply replace them.

If your thermostat has a direct connection to your HVAC system via common wiring, the screen may only have gone blank temporarily while the thermostat recharges. Does the screen display not return after a short while? If so, you have a more serious issue.

Problems With Electrical Wiring

The next likely cause of the blank screen is some sort of wiring issue. The smart thermostat gets power from a great many important electrical wires, and any one of these may have tangled, frayed, gotten loose, broken or otherwise disconnected. This may be true of the common wire between your smart thermostat and HVAC system or of any of the other many wires hooked up to the device itself.

Determining the exact cause of the problem requires a hefty amount of electrical knowledge, so don’t attempt to set things right on your own. Instead, call our HVAC service technicians for help. We’ll fix what’s wrong with your smart thermostat.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Occasionally, your HVAC system may inadvertently trip your circuit breaker. If this happens, it will cut off the power to the entire system, including your thermostat, which will cause the screen to go blank. There are many reasons why your HVAC system might trip your breaker, and you’ll need professional help to diagnose the issue.

If your smart thermostat’s screen is blank, your HVAC system will probably stop working. Call our team at Roberts Air, LLC in Galveston, TX, to schedule HVAC repair and replacement services.

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